Exempt Organizations, Not For Profits, and Non-Governmental Organizations

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Compliance and Disclosure

The Current State of Donor Disclosure (PDF): (August 2021) Recent regulatory and legal developments, notably the IRS Regulations issued in May 2020 and July 2021's Supreme court ruling in Americans for Prosperity v. Bonta, altered Exempt organizations' donor disclosure requirements. Without discussing the merits of these rule changes, this is the current Donor Disclosure Landscape.


We anticipate further change - as we can't see much that would limit Americans for Prosperity's application at the federal level.

Governance and Management

Managing Endowment and Reserve Funds - Essential Documents and Grounding: (November 2021) Organizations that maintain reserve or endowment funds need some essential documents. Here are samples and narrative about several of them: Investment Policies, Spending Policies, and Investment Committee Charters.

Like all templates, you need to run these by your legal counsel, tax representative, and investment advisor before you implement any of the provisions.  Cambyses Advisors will be glad to help implement your plan.

Public Policies that Impact Exempt Organizations

Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations Receive Scrutiny:  (August 2021) This Cambyses Public Policy Discussion examines proposed legislation to address perceived abuses of Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations. While reforms are probably needed in both arenas, the proposed legislation does not seem (to Cambyses, anyway) to address them in a cost effective and efficient way.