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Cambyses Research Initiatives

We maintain active and extensive research initiatives on market sub-sectors we believe may have potential to realign social norms for the better and offer investors capital growth and income opportunities at the same time. We publish and update both our general industry research and our initiatives research on a regular basis on this website.

General Caution: Our Initiatives explore industries and industry segments we consider pivotal to future markets. However, the industries and companies we analyze in connection with our Initiatives, whether public or privately traded, must be considered high risk and/or speculative. The Initiative industries are immature. Many of the companies are pre-revenue, relying on capital infusions for their stability. Initiative studies are not an endorsement of any product or producer we examine or mention. Studies or mentions are not an offer to buy or sell any security. Consult your financial advisor for more information about the companies we mention.

Industry Research and Expertise

In addition to our general market research, which currently covers over 160 publicly traded equities and an approximately equal number of ETFs and mutual funds, and our Initiative research Cambyses has developed research protocols and expertise in several industries that we and our affiliate (Steven Roy Management) regularly invest or operate in on behalf of our clients. Those markets include:

  • Aviation - Manufacturing, Transportation, and Military-Defense Applications (Including Drones and Un-crewed Systems)

  • Entertainment - Motion picture-video production, post production, and distribution

  • Hospitality - Restaurants and Hotels

  • Software and Software Services - Fintech, Biztech, and Data Transfer Protocols, and

  • Real Estate - Development, Preservation, Commercialization and REITs-Private Offerings

We have recently (last three years) begun to assemble resources on several emerging industries that we believe offer long-term, but at the moment high-risk, opportunities for both investment growth and sustainability:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Metaverse Applications

  • Biotechnology - Gene Editing and Therapies, mRNA and DNA based Therapeutics

  • High Energy Physics - Fundamental Research and Applications of Particle Physics, Plasmas, and Solar Phenomena

  • Space Sciences - Launch Vehicles, Satellites, and Inter-Solar System Exploration and Settlement

Needless to say (even so, SEC and state securities rules demand we say it) these "new" industries and sub-industries are immature or even pre-revenue, they have extraordinary capital appetites, are frequently either private or thinly traded, and are extremely high risk industries, activities, and investments. Accordingly, while we love to talk about them, we cannot encourage your investment in them unless 1) you are a Qualified Investor, 2) You have specific expertise or interest in the field, and 3) you are able  and prepared to bear the loss of the entire investment without prejudicing your normal lifestyle. 

Sustainable Philanthropy

This long term Initiative, commenced in November 2021, aggregates forty-five years of experience and writing about Exempt Organizations and their Donors.

The project gives a voice to our concept of Sustainable Philanthropy, Our goal is to produce a comprehensive body of authoritative and reliable materials viewed from the perspective of both Donors and Exempt Organizations. These materials are divided between a, more-or-less, linear main body narrative,  and a supporting cast of Technical and Procedural Notes.

We add new material to this project on a near-daily basis.

Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (EAVI)

This Initiative, commenced in February 2021, analyzes the economic and market prospects for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, Autonomous Vehicles, their Supply Chains, and End Users. Until early 2021, the ~110 publicly traded companies in this sub-sector were among the highest growth securities in the market. Many of them have been unable to sustain that momentum. 

We update our findings quarterly and add relevant observations as they occur.

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