Our Commitment to Exempt Organizations

Cambyses and Steven Roy Management enjoy a history of activism and consultation with Exempt Organizations. Our strengths lie in entity formation and exempt-qualification, governance, operations and financial administration, endowment and sequestered funds, tax compliance, and donor relations. (Please note the absence of "grant writing and fundraising" from this list - we know a whole lot of people who do it better than we do. Ask, and we will refer you.)

Our commitment to Exempt Organizations began when Steven Roy established his first business entity (in 1971) - the Center for Southern African Studies, an economic research, development, and education 501(c)(3) dedicated to studying and disseminating socio- and politico-economic studies of the emerging nations in post-Colonial Africa, and furthering development in the region. 

Over the next 45 years, Steven - and by extension, Cambyses and Steven Roy Management - provided advisory services to over sixty not-for-profit  charitable (501(c)) groups, and served on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of more than thirty of them. About half of those charities are-were active in the arts (music, theatre, dance, and arts administration). The remainder concern themselves with human rights, economic development, social welfare, poverty and housing issues. We have also served as advisers to municipal (mostly police and fire related) and national commissions (Including the IRS Technology Task Force, in one of its early incarnations). 

Our Current Affiliations

Advanced Heliophysics

Advanced Heliophysics is a scientific research and education organization focused on solar plasma physics and solar magnetic activity. Advanced Heliophysics' research focuses on studying and predicting phenomena on the Sun and discerning how these phenomena affect military and commercial hardware on Earth and in near-Earth orbit. Advanced Heliophysics maintains an educational program that reaches out to aspiring high school and university science students to stimulate their interest in heliophysics.


Graphic: From, Panasenco, Olga; Velli, Marco; Panasenco, Aram; Large-scale Magnetic Funnels in the Solar Corona; The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 873, Issue 1, article id. 25, 14 pp. (2019) Research performed by Advanced Heliophysics.

Steven has served as Treasurer and Board member for Advanced Heliophysics since its inception in October 2013.

Hermes; (HEliospheRic Magnetic Energy Storage and conversion)


Hermes is an interdisciplinary NASA Science Center. The HERMES DRIVE Center provides a unifying framework for characterizing the basic mechanisms of energy storage and release in the natural plasmas of the heliosphere, incorporating the lessons learned within individual specialized subfields (e.g. computational plasma physics, observational solar physics, magnetospheric and solar wind physics, and laboratory plasma) and providing a unifying theme to further our understanding of nonlinear plasma dynamics underlying the energy transformations that define the Heliosphere


Image and Photo: Hermes Logo and Solar Flare Closeup. Logo hand drawn by Olga Panasenco. Photo, NASA Images.


Steven joined Hermes' International Advisory Board in February 2021. He is currently assisting in the development of Hermes' Phase II Strategic Plan.

Los Angeles Mounted Platoon Foundation (LAMP) 

With the help of local, community and business organizations the Foundation provides essential funds for the Los Angeles Police Department Mounted Platoon.  These funds are used to acquire new horses, maintain the equestrian facility and support youth programs such as the Mini-Mounties program.  The Los Angeles Mounted Platoon Foundation is a vital link between the Los Angeles community and the Mounted Platoon.

Image: Rollcall at LAMP Headquarters, The Ahmanson Equestrian Facility

Steven has served as a LAMP board member since June 2007.

The New Festival, Inc.


The New Festival produces NewFest: The New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival. NewFest is one of the most comprehensive forums of national and international LGBT film/video in the world.   

2020 marked the 32nd year the Festival has been produced. NewFest transitioned to streaming mode in 2020. The transition expanded NewFest's program offer to a worldwide audience and paved the way for future expansion. The program featured over thirty full-length screenings, discussions with film-makers, opening and closing receptions, legacy showings, documentaries, and comedic and dramatic episodic presentations. 

Steven has acted as a business advisor to NewFest since January 2019