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Follow The Lithium

If you want to explore the Electric and Autonomous Vehicle (EAV) lifecycle – Follow the Lithium;

Lithium (Li, Atomic Number 3), the elemental metal you’ll find at the very top of the periodic table, is omnipresent through the EAV lifecycle. It will, in all probability, remain the industry’s linchpin until at least the end of the decade. In this arena, that is practically forever.

In this series of blogs, we follow Lithium through the EAV cycle to understand its key roles. Along the way, we’ll touch on:

  • Mining and Extraction: China and Australia are the major players. The US doesn’t have a horse in the race.

  • Transport and Refining

  • Fabrication: (She sells C-Cells) We’ll talk about Cathodes, Cells, and Cell Arrays

  • Installation and EAV Manufacturing: We all know the big players – who else is in the game.

  • Charging and Maintenance: Li-Cells affect EAVs’ enormous strain on infrastructure.

  • Recycling: A paradigm case for “design for recycle.”

Along the way, we will touch very lightly on Lithium’s chemical properties. To satisfy your curiosity about that, try these links:

Visit the American Chemical Society website for a plethora of articles on how those properties influence Lithium Ion Battery’s efficacy (Google, "ACS Lithium Properties").

These blogs are an outgrowth of Cambyses Financial Advisor’s Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Initiative. Articles are not endorsement of any product or producer we mention in the article. They are not an offer to buy or sell any security. Investments in EAV sector companies are very risky and highly speculative. Consult your financial advisor for more information about the companies we mention.

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