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  • Steven Roy

NGOs Suspend Operations In Afghanistan

Four major international aid groups on Sunday suspended their operations in Afghanistan following a decision by the country’s rulers to ban women from working at non-governmental organizations. The NGO ban was introduced a day earlier, allegedly because women weren’t wearing the hijab correctly.

Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE ceased operations in the country, stating that they cannot effectively reach children, women and men in desperate need in Afghanistan without the women in their workforces.

The four NGOs provide healthcare, education, child protection and nutrition services and support amid Afghanistan's plummeting humanitarian conditions.

The Taliban's newest attack on women comes less than a week after the Taliban government issued a statement suspending all women from attending university. Henceforward, the highest level of education most Afghan girls will be able to attain is grade 6. (An August 2021Taliban decree had already banned women and girls from high schools.) Taliban officials have since given an array of pretexts for the ban, from wanting to review the girls' curriculum to discussions over their uniforms.

Stripped of their pseudo-religious and pseudo-social justifications, it appears the Taliban's edicts have one real purpose -- utter subjugation of half of Afghanistan's population.

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