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  • Steven Roy

Using a Private Foundation

Our newest Sustainable Philanthropy article.

Let's consider the factors that determine whether a private foundation is the right vehicle for your philanthropic efforts.

Our article breaks the choice down to six questions:

  • Your answers to our “Practical Questions” determine whether a private foundation is an efficient and efficacious way to attain your philanthropic plan’s goals.

  • The “Founder Questions” help you determine whether a private foundation fulfils your personal philanthropic objectives and criteria.

Each of the Practical Questions has two parts:

  1. How frequently do you give? (Do you give to many charities or just a few?)

  2. Is a private foundation a cost-effective way to achieve your charitable objectives? (Does the amount and frequency of your charitable activity justify the effort required to set up and operate a private foundation? )

  3. Are you, your family and trustees, and your advisors prepared to run the private foundation now, and in the future. (What is needed to prepare you to do it?)

Your answers to the Founder Questions determine whether a private foundation is necessary or desirable to achieve your philanthropic aims.

  1. Do you want to control the donee’s Board-Trustee selection, funding and investment policy, or your donation’s beneficiaries?

  2. Do you envision an ongoing presence that engages family members or close associates in your philanthropy – and may continue after you retire from the activity?

  3. Is anonymity important.

Take a look at the article - and feel free to call us for feedback.

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