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  • Steven Roy

We Have Ignition

I share the euphoria over the National Ignition Facility's achievement of a 1.5 direct payback ratio (announced yesterday, 3.1 MJoules output for 2.0 MJoules of direct energy input to the capsule).

However, some perspectives: We are closer than we were, but we are still a long way from commercialization.

Average current cost per Kilowatt hour for U.S. electricity = 16.4 cents., so, Market Value of 3.1 MJoules = ~13.1 cents

3.1 MJoules = roughly, the Kcals in a peanut butter sandwich (740).

Cost to produce 3.1 MJoules = $3.5B to construct the Ignition Facility, and $350 million per year to run it.

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