Cambyses Public Policy Notes

Cambyses’ Public Policy Notes present our analysis of social, legislative, and regulatory developments that affect our constituents. We focus on the topic’s


  • probable economic, operational, and social impacts, and

  • policy and implementation dynamics


We attempt to present objective analyses untainted by our personal perspective and values (which, for the record, are generally liberal and progressive). However, we probably won't always succeed. Review our notes and methodology by referring to the numbered items referenced by, for example [*1] in our text. We appreciate your feedback - and plan to provide a forum for reasonable disagreement as part of our future development.

Peter Thiel's 5 Billion Dollar IRA: This Public Policy discussion examines the actions and responses around Pro-Publica's (and the House Ways and Means Committee's) revelations concerning Mega-IRAs -- very large IRA accounts spawned by investments in ventures that later proved extraordinarily profitable. Since it is the largest, best documented example (and seems to register at about 10-of-10 on the outrage meter) we use Peter Thiel's $5 Billion Roth IRA in our example. (We think you will be surprised by our conclusions!) (September 2021)

Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations Receive Scrutiny: This Cambyses Public Policy Discussion examines proposed legislation to address perceived abuses of Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations. While reforms are probably needed in both arenas, the proposed legislation does not seem (to Cambyses, anyway) to address them in a cost effective and efficient way.