Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrids, and EV Technology

Cambyses' Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Initiative

The Electric and Autonomous Vehicle niches of the NAICS Vehicle Manufacturing Sector features some of the fastest growing stock valuations in the market. Whether the segment can weather all that good fortune is another issue.

The Cambyses EV Initiative's goal is several-fold;

  • Provide guidance for investors who venture into this arena. (The EV niche is exciting and shows huge growth potential, but present stock prices seem driven more by anticipation of a quick kill than by their long term potential.)

  • Analyze and understand the dynamics of an industry that promises to reduce climate changing gas emissions. (Autos currently account for about 30% of all carbon-fuel usage.)

  • Present, analyze, and support socioeconomic policy initiatives that will grow the industry, protect consumers and the environment, (or oppose policies that do not).

Cambyses' EV Initiative emphasizes the drivers of mid and longer term fundamentals of our study companies - rather than the companies' short run stock-price performance (Apropos the latter, there is plenty of opinion already out there ). 

Cambyses' Electric Vehicle Initiative Outline

  1. Industry Overview (Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and it's supply/distribution chains)

  2. EV Manufacturers (companies whose end product consists almost entirely of road ready EV’s and/or verticals that lead to them). 

  3. Autonomous vehicles. Companies that have active research and development programs

  4. “Traditional” manufacturers who are entering the EV arena. Many already produce Hybrid or Plug-in hybrids.

  5. The EV Supply Chain

    • Batteries, Charging, Grid Management & Generation

    • Fuel Cell Technology

    • Semiconductors

    • Software, Sensors & controls

    • Raw Materials [Primarily Lithium, Cobalt, and Rare Earths (Transition Metals)]

    • Transportation Infrastructure

  6. End Users

    • Ride Hailing

    • Fleet Operations

  7. Funds and SPACs

  8. Company Suitability and Risk Factors

Model Portfolios and Performance Tracking

Cambyses maintains Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Portfolio Models that track the EV niche's performance under a number of different assumptions regarding portfolio content and allocation.

We update and refine these studies approximately once each quarter. Check back with us from time to time to see how our opinions and findings evolve.

EV Model Explanation and Methodology


Portfolio Weights and Performance)

Electric Vehicle Investments - Suitability & Risk

At this time, Electric Vehicle Investments are not suitable for all investors. 

Rather than provide a simplistic Buy / Hold / Sell opinion, Cambyses Suitability and Risk Assessments evaluate securities' risks from eleven potential sources to determine whether the security is appropriate to include in a portfolio that reflects your investment priorities and portfolio strategy.

Cambyses Suitability and Risk Assessment - Criteria & Sources

Suitability and Risk Assessment - Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)