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Your Cambyses Team

Led by an experienced professional with over 45 years of Donor and Exempt Organization intelligence and 15 years of Investment Management experience working with you to turn your vision and passion into reality.

A fully qualified and registered team of Investment Advisor Representatives.

A network of contacts and associations that adds breadth and depth to our in-house expertise and assures that you always have the right professional for your unique needs.


Numbers-people and people-people working for the change we hope to see!

To Contact Cambyses Advisors

Steven J Roy MS, MST, EA


Cambyses Investment Services

We feature:

Portfolio-Investment administration and management tailored to the needs of Donors, Exempt Organizations, and Exempt Plans. 


Investment Advisory, planning, or management services for Donors'

  • Giving Strategy

  • Donor Advised Funds,

  • Private Foundations,

  • Trust, Estate, and Dispository Arrangements

  • Deferred (Retained Interest) Trusts


and Organizations' 

  • Endowments,

  • Reserves,

  • Benefit Plans, and

  • Restricted or Unrestricted Balances

We assist Donors' Philanthropic Planning, Strategy, and Execution and provide support for donations of hard to value assets with complex procedural requirements: (e.g., Intangibles, Collectibles, Business Interests, Conservation Easements, and Real Property).

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