Welcome to Cambyses Advisors


Cambyses Financial Advisors is, at its core, a Wealth Management Company dedicated to the unique needs of Businesses and Business Owners. 

Unlike many (most) Wealth Management Companies, we do not limit our services to High and Ultra-High Net Worth (HNW and UHNW) Clients. While we are thrilled when we engage a High-Net-Worth client (We currently have no Ultra-HNW clients), our goal and purpose is to provide HNW-Client Services to a broader spectrum of business owners who may, eventually, become High Net Worth clients - Hopefully with our help and guidance.

To that end, we are dedicated to three major principles and philosophies:

  • Sustainable - Equitable Practices: practices, attitudes, and collaborations that foster equitable, resilient, stable, scalable, and compliant business and stakeholder interactions and give birth to perpetual operations, and perpetual benefits.*

  • Lean Management Principles: Assisting clients to gain maximal performance from minimal resources while maintaining their operational and financial flexibility.*

  • Strategic Partnership: Strategic-tactical alliances and cooperation with other professionals allow us to offer the breadth, high performance, and quality services that growing businesses and their principals require.

We will apply these influences shortly, but right now, let's talk about something a little more fun.

* We repeatedly return to these themes throughout our website - and more importantly - throughout our client relationship. The first of these principles is non-negotiable - it is who we are. The second is simply practical - use and explore it as it fits your situation. Feel free to discuss these - and any other business questions - with us as often and in as much depth as you like. Maybe we'll all learn something we didn't know.

Our Name, Our Logo, and a bit of Company History

We share our name with Cambyses II, the second King of Kings of the ancient Persian-Achaemenid Empire from 530 to 522 BCE (Between the reigns of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great). Cambyses, among other things, expanded the Persian-Achaemenid Empire throughout Egypt, Libya, North Central Africa, and portions of what is now Syria. Cambyses and Croesus of Lydia are credited with development and use of the first standardized national currencies. Our logo is the Lydian Gold Stater in use in Lydia at the time Lydia was conquered by Cambyses' Persian-Achaemenid armies.

When we first formed Cambyses, 80% of our stakeholders and 60% of our workforce were either Persian American or married to Persian Americans. It seemed appropriate to adopt a Persian name, however, both Cyrus and Darius were already in use - and that other famous Persian Statesman, Xerxes, just didn't seem like a good choice.* Thus, we became Cambyses despite the pronunciation conundrum (BTW: It's pronounced "Kam Bees"). 

* Cyrus and Darius are both large multi-national investment firms. Xerxes was the "God King" whose massive armies of "Immortals" overran much of Greece before being stymied (just long enough to stave off disaster) by a 300 person Spartan regiment in the pass at Thermopile. The Persia born Greek historian, Herodotus, in "The Histories" falsely characterizes Cambyses campaigns as desperately unsuccessful, and Cambyses himself as insane. Oddly, the Persian Empire that Cambyses helped establish lasted approximately 1,800 years longer than Herodotus and his propaganda piece, and 1,500 years longer than the Greek state system he championed. Unlike any of the other early Persian Kings of Kings, Cambyses died of battlefield injuries and infection rather than murder by his successor.

Our Services and Our Clients

Cambyses service matrix is easy to present - but the services require rather lengthy explanations. Link to those explanations from this abbreviated Service List or the one on our "Services" tab. Cambyses offers:

In cooperation with our affiliate (Steven Roy Management) and strategic partners, Cambyses Financial Advisors supplements our offer with a  comprehensive array of business and personal planning, management, governance, finance, insurance, legal, and tax solutions.​

Our ideal client is:

1) Any business or investment activity

  • conducted through an entity (including estates, trusts and exempt organizations) or substantial sole proprietorship that,

  • operates in any of the industries we have expertise in (see a partial list of those industries, below), and is

  • at any stage of the business maturity curve (though we prefer growth stage businesses)


2) Owners or principals, or

3) Their Benefit and Retirement Plans

The first condition is very broad and inclusive, but does rule out businesses (for example) in the extractive industries and most retail endeavors - about which we know somewhere between very little and almost nothing. If you operate in those arenas, give us a call and we will refer you to someone more suited to your needs.

To gain significant advantage from our portfolio and planning services, it helps if the business, owner, or plan has sufficient liquidity and solvency to allow it to divert funds from "paying bills" to "investing for the future." Those who do not may gain more by engaging Steven Roy Management (or a similar, unrelated, firm) than by engaging our services.

Donors and Exempt Organizations

Cambyses offers a suite of services that address the unique needs created when Donors or Exempt Organizations embark on philanthropic projects.                        

For donors who share our passion and commitment to philanthropy, we design, implement, and manage (with assistance from counsel):

  • Lifetime Giving and Philanthropy Plans

  • Donor Advised Funds,

  • Private Foundations,

  • Simple or Complex Inter-vivos Trusts

  • Dispository Trusts, or

  • Estate/Trust bequests.

Follow this link, or access our Donor Services from the Service Tab.

For exempt organizations we offer Investment Advisory or Management Services and design, implement, and manage the  Organizations' 

  • Endowments,

  • Reserves,

  • Benefit Plans, and

  • The capital campaigns that support them

Access our service descriptions for these from the Services tab, or follow this link.

In cooperation with our affiliate (Steven Roy Management) and strategic partners, Cambyses Financial Advisors supplements our offer with a  comprehensive array of business and personal planning, management, governance, finance, insurance, legal, and tax solutions.​

Cambyses Research Initiatives

We maintain active and extensive research initiatives on market sub-sectors we believe have potential to realign social norms for the better and offer investors capital growth and income opportunities at the same time. We publish and update our research on two of these initiatives on a regular basis on this website:


Our Investment and Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, and Wealth Planning-Management Services (including our Donor and Exempt Organization services)  are performed by Cambyses Financial Advisors LLC ("Cambyses"). Cambyses is a Registered Investment Advisor (CRD #230786). For additional information regarding our services, products, policies, pricing and personnel, please review our Firm Brochure (FINRA-SEC Form ADV Part 2A) or view it at the SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website.


Steven Roy Management and Cambyses Financial Advisors LLC are affiliated by common ownership.

Cambyses services are provided through Investment Advisor Representatives who are registered through FINRA/CPD. Additional information about Cambyses Advisors and each of our advisor representatives is available on request (and will be provided prior to commencement of any engagement). Portfolio services are offered through a named Custodian.


Some investments are not appropriate for all investors.


Clients are not required to purchase all services through Cambyses or its representatives. Some services may be available from other sources at lower cost than from Cambyses.