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Pension and Retirement Benefits and Planning

Cambyses provides consulting, advisory, implementation, management, and compliance services for employer-sponsored retirement plans, business owners and their employees.  Our involvement in their Retirement and Pension Benefit planning, almost inevitably, begins when a business owner or their employee seeks our:


  • Retirement Financial Planning/Analysis Service to set goals and explore options for their eventual retirement, or

  • Retirement Preparation Advisory Services to assess their readiness to retire and map a strategy to do so


Those conversations, particularly those with business owners, often lead to discussions about employee pension plans and the incentives they provide for employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

For employers and business owners who want to take that conversation further, Cambyses offers flexible, pre-approved or custom, ERISA or non-ERISA, retirement plan options: Individual IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 401K, Qualified or Defined Benefit Plans, ISO, ESOP, and Unqualified (Top Hat) Plans

Cambyses guides and assists you as you:

  • Explore your plan options and assess their feasibility or sustainability within your business model

  • Select, Design, and Implement a plan that incorporates the features and options you choose, and

  • Fund and Administer the Plan


Most commonly, Cambyses assists with

  • Plan Selection and Implementation

  • Portfolio Selection and Management

  • Administrative Managerial and Ministerial Assistance

  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Continuous Plan Updates to maintain qualification and optimize Incentives

  • And in some cases, Full Service Third Party Plan Administration


Because Retirement and Pension Benefit Planning has an inherently long-term perspective-operational time frame and  is intimately concerned with the client’s and their employees’ lifestyles and life choices we often find it fosters life-long relationships and friendships. Not a bad bonus for a business service we enjoy providing!

Ask us how Business Pension Benefit Planning can drive your  Succession and Exit Plan!

In cooperation with our strategic partners, Cambyses Financial Advisors supplements our offer with a  comprehensive array of business and personal planning, management, governance, finance, insurance, legal, and tax solutions.

Public Policy and Pension/Retirement Options

We often share our insights and opinions about public policy issues that affect your plans. Here is an example:

Peter Thiel's 5 Billion Dollar IRA: This Public Policy discussion examines the actions and responses around Pro-Publica's (and the House Ways and Means Committee's) revelations concerning Mega-IRAs -- very large IRA accounts spawned by investments in ventures that later proved extraordinarily profitable. Since it is the largest, best documented example (and seems to register at about 10-of-10 on the outrage meter) we use Peter Thiel's $5 Billion Roth IRA in our example. (We think you will be surprised by our conclusions!) (September 2021)

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