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Cambyses Financial Advisors LLC — Services and Products

Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory Services

​Portfolio administration and management for your personal, business, public or private charity or trust, and retirement-benefit plan accounts. We tailor our recommendations to your risk tolerance, time frame, goals and objectives, using Goal-Needs Assessment, Risk Tolerance Measurement, and Financial Analysis to direct your Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification

Pension and Retirement Benefits and Planning

Consulting, advisory, implementation, management, and compliance services (ERISA fiduciary and non-fiduciary services) for employer-sponsored retirement and benefit plans, business owners and their employees. 

Comprehensive Wealth Planning and Wealth Management

​Our principals’ industry-unique training and hands-on-business experience integrates your personal, investment, and business perspectives into a consistent Wealth Management plan. Cambyses plans, develops, and may (in Wealth Management Engagements) execute a cradle-to-grave strategy that mitigates lifetime risks, provides contingencies, and fosters your social, philanthropic,  and financial growth.

Estate Planning and Administration

It's usually about your survivors - not the tax man! If you can think of anyone you like (or even someone you dislike) who may have an interest in settling your estate efficiently, quickly, and without drama, you need an estate plan. If you are one of the 0.1% of decedents who will pay estate or gift tax, you really need an estate plan. 

Philanthropic planning is often a cornerstone of your estate plan.

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