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Services for Donors

​​Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services:

​Cambyses provides portfolio administration and management tailored to the unique needs of Exempt Organizations and their Donors.  We give full consideration to:

  • Your Charitable Intent

  • The Organization's Exempt Purposes

  • Your Responsibilities under:​

    • Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA),
    • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA),

    • Internal Revenue Code and Regulations, and

    • Their State variations

  • Your Risk Tolerance, Time Frame, and Investment Restrictions

  • The Project's goals and objectives,

  • Available resources.

Specific to Your Needs - Long Term Charitable Planning

Our Donor Service Matrix and Engagement Planner

Cambyses Financial Advisors happily offers our Wealth and Portfolio Management, Financial and Estate Planning, and Business Management Services to Donors, Potential Donors, Individuals, and Businesses. We are guided by our commitment to Sustainable Philanthropy:

Sustainable Philanthropy emphasizes practices, attitudes, and collaborations that foster equitable, resilient, stable, scalable, and compliant Donor, Exempt Organization, and Stakeholder interactions and give birth to perpetual giving, perpetual operations, and perpetual benefits.

For donors who share our commitment, and with assistance from your counsel, we design, implement, and manage:

  • Lifetime Giving and Philanthropy Plans

  • Donor Advised Funds,

  • Private Foundations,

  • Simple or Complex Inter-vivos Trusts

  • Dispository Trusts, or

  • Estate/Trust bequests.

Many of these devices require ongoing care and maintenance that we are also happy to provide.

Charitable Transactions - Planning and Execution


Some of our work with Donors is transaction related:  Identifying the "who, what, when, how, and why" of giving transactions, effectuating, reporting, and defending them. This entails:

  1. Identifying your charitable motives and purposes,

  2. Locating and validating the exempt status of organizations that share and fulfill those motives and purposes,

  3. Evaluating the organization's operations and sustainability,

  4. Deciding what and when to give (Cash, Appreciated Assets, In-Kind, With or Without Conditions),

  5. Determining the most tax efficient way to donate,

  6. Making the Donation,

  7. Substantiating, reporting and defending the tax outcome, and

  8. Monitoring the organization's use of the funds (if necessary).

Five Guidelines for Giving Appreciated Stock to Charity

Our experience also extends to "Exotics" that require extensive documentation and valuation:

  • Intangibles,

  • Collectibles,

  • Conservation easements,

  • Privately held businesses, 

  • Hard to value assets, and

  • Deferred, Restricted or Conditional giving arrangements (grantor retained interests),

In cooperation with our strategic partners, Cambyses Financial Advisors supplements our offer with a  comprehensive array of business and personal planning, management, governance, finance, insurance, legal, and tax solutions.​ 

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