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Services for Exempt Organizations

​​Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services:

​Cambyses offers portfolio administration and management tailored to the unique needs of Exempt Organizations and their Donors.  We give full consideration to:

  • The Donors' Intent

  • Your Organization's Exempt Purposes

  • Your Responsibilities under:​

    • Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA),
    • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA),

    • Internal Revenue Code and Regulations, and

    • Their State variations

  • Your Risk Tolerance, Time Frame, and Investment Restrictions

  • The Organization or Project's goals and objectives,

  • Available resources.

Specific to Exempt Organizations 

Cambyses Financial Advisors offers a suite of Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, and Program Development Services for your Organization's Reserves, Restricted, and Endowment Funds. With assistance from your counsel, we design, implement, and administer your portfolio assets and the campaigns necessary to fund them.

​To fulfill your requirements, we employ a variety of technical, fundamental, quantitative, and qualitative analyses and deploy a full range of investment choices, strategies, and vehicles. 

Our services address the requirements for managing a successful Endowment, Quasi-Endowment, or Reserve Fund.  With assistance from your counsel (or ours) we establish

  • Board and Staff education and familiarization with fund concepts

  • Development and refinement of plan documents and procedures

    • Investment Committee Charter (or Board Delegation of Responsibility)

    • Gift and Restriction Acceptance (and Rejection) Policy

    • Endowment and Restricted Gift Contracts

    • Fund Investment Policy

    • Fund Spending or Disbursement Policy

  • Implementation of the Funding Campaign and the Fund

  • Choice of Administrators, Trustees, and Investment Advisors

  • Monitoring and Evaluating Investment and Fund Performance,

  • Documenting and Reporting Fund Performance

We cooperate with our strategic partners to supplement our offer with a  comprehensive array of business and personal planning, management, governance, finance, insurance, legal, and tax solutions.​ 

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